Ministry Strategy

  • Establish Discipleship School – based on the basics of discipleship and requiring a commitment.
    • Focus on commitment to complete the class, as they are groomed for leadership, with the goal of beginning classes of their own.
    • The disciples mature, and their spiritual gifts are revealed.
    • Close attention is given to those Jesus sends to us, with a focus on their gifts and ministry potential.
    • Establishing the core group of nationals from those who complete the Discipleship class to produce a self sufficient church.
    • Cast the vision with this core group and nurture their particular calling that compliments the overall ministry calling of the church.
  • Church Planting – The school continues to operate.  Within the original school, other ministries are born and many callings to ministry are answered.  Within the Discipleship school, a church is born that will have a very unique place within the culture and the community.
  • Local Evangelism Ministry – after the new church plant is stable and fully self sufficient, the focus then shifts to evangelism (street ministry, jail ministry, hospital ministry, etc.)
  • Evangelism Outreach – from this church plant, a real goal will be to send well equipped missionaries to other locations to repeat the process, and ... “make disciples of all nations.”
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