Missionary Training School

ECIM has intentionally followed the original plan for world evangelism as commanded in the “Great Commission” of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).  We strongly believe that the Bible instructs and also gives us the best example of how to share and grow the Gospel message worldwide.  ECIM has followed the Biblical model as closely as the contemporary era permits.

The Apostle Paul gives us a great example as to the necessity of raising, training, and equipping others to answer Jesus’ call to the world harvest field.  Among others, Paul raised up Timothy and Titus to oversee and continue the growth of Christianity.  Our efforts intend to follow Paul’s missionary example with our Timothy/Titus mission’s training school.

The vision is very practical, and is a major goal as a long-term projection.

Practical Teaching Goals and Application

  • Intensive biblical training focused on world missions.
  • Establishing contacts and discerning a calling.
  • Living and surviving in a foreign land.
  • Practical Visa and Passport challenges - establishing residency.
  • Learning to understand different cultural and social issues that being special challenges.
  • Currency exchange - administration on the mission’s field.
  • Complete immersion.

We plan to offer 90 day and 6 month immersion programs for English/American Pastors and lay persons to grasp a better understanding of the Latin culture.  The cultural landscape of the United States is currently offering a tremendous harvest field of latinos who demand a better understanding of cultural differences and barriers.

Many recognize the harvest field, but minister with a real sense of frustration due to a lack of cultural understanding.

The value of experience is Priceless!  Tear down the cultural barriers with real compassion and understanding!

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