Target Group

Being based in Mexico, our target group is first and foremost the Spanish culture.  It is our experience in this particular area, that many middle and upper middle class citizens have become distraught and confused with the Christian faith because of abuse and false doctrines.  Most are unresponsive to any organization or group that call themselves Christian.  Religious fanaticism and unwarranted abuse of unbiblical practices have hurt Christianity among the highly educated and successful class in Mexico.

Our target group is focused on those individuals who have the greatest impact on the culture.  We are focused on the middle to upper middle class, who have the greatest influence in their families, with their friends, and in their businesses.  We hope that through this eager, capable group, compassionate ministries will be born and evangelism will have a permanent impact on the culture.  Stability being a key factor, and a goal for growth and generational affect, we are hoping for a change that will go deep into the future, even after we are gone and years have passed.

With the establishment of a primary target group, a very intentional attempt is made towards benevolence of those marginal in society. We hope to exhibit the love we have for Jesus through the love we share with those who struggle in this fallen world.

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